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Commissions: Portraits in Oils and Other Mediums

Commission a portrait from Lawrence Dyer, UK-based artist and writer. 'Immortalize' yourself or a family member in oils.



Small portraits from £200 (approx US$315)
Larger portraits from £300

Commissions undertaken at request. Please let me know your requirements.

Portraits From Life or Portraits From Photos

Commissions can be carried out from photographs, although it is better if the sitter is painted 'live'. However, this may not always be possible, so a commission can be carried out from three or four photos taken from different angles.

This avoids the resultant artwork becoming a painting of a photo. Contact me for advice on this before taking the photos.

An additional three or four photos taken on different occasions and in different light conditions are also beneficial as they will help me to further understand the contours of the subject's face. Photos can easily be sent to me by email, wherever you are in the world.

See more samples of realistic portrait paintings work

November 2011. Another commission successfully delivered.













You can contact me by emailing Lawrence [at] LawrenceDyer.com
where [at] is replaced by the @ symbol and there are no spaces.

Or even write or call me through the contact details here:
Contact Lawrence Dyer


Revealed: It's a Lie That The Camera Never Lies
Have you been told that the 'camera never lies'? If so then you've been misled because the camera always lies!


“As every divided kingdom falls, so every mind divided between many studies confounds and saps itself.”
Leonardo Da Vinci



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Portrait commissions by Lawrence Dyer, UK-based artist. Commission a portrait and in effect 'immortalize' yourself or a family member in oils.

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