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Mosaics or Found Object Collages

My 'mosaics' are very different from my people portraits. The mosaics (if they are mosaics) are abstract in nature and made from found objects, chiefly broken pottery recovered from a local beach and the Victorian/early 20th century dump above it, which is falling down onto the beach. I've used recycled materials in the base too. The base or surround of each piece that you see here is a part of the finished artwork and not a frame or border around the mosaic.

I'll post some more about these mosaics at some point, giving some angles into what exactly I'm trying to do here. In the meantime, just absorb them and maybe ask yourself how they make you feel. I have to point out though that the images don't do the originals justice at all, the texture and subtlety of the originals being completely lost here.


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