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The Basics:

Lawrence Dyer is a writer and artist based in Devon, England. Born: Billericay, October 1956. Raised in rural Essex as a shy and studious child.

He graduated in 1978 with a BA Hons in Communication Studies from Sheffield Hallam University. This was followed by a PGCE in education also at Sheffield. An MPhil in Psychology was then begun but not completed for family reasons.

Although Lawrence has no formal education in Art beyond achieving an 'A' level in the subject, he has continued to study the subject privately, as well as attending various classes in areas that interest him.

Writing has also been a big part of his life. During the 1990's and early 2000's he had a number of speculative fiction stories published in magazines and books, culminating in an autobiographical book being published in 2003. This was based on his life in a remote stone cottage on the moors of the Peak District.

Personality, Skills and Experience:

Lawrence Dyer loves rocks, trees, cliffs, and beauty in whatever form it presents itself.

He collects fossils and beautiful objects, admires those who put others first, dislikes fakery.

...has worked as a teacher and lecturer, landscape architect and web designer. He mainly has skills in spatial and communicative areas, and enjoys growing mountain plants, archery, speculative fiction, beach combing, drawing, collecting ceramics, designing things, planning things, helping people to achieve...

...loves period houses, heather moors, oak forests, experts and enthusiasts willing to share...

...doesn't think much of big showy blooms, plastic that masquerades as wood, selfish people...

...regards himself as an explorer of life and wishes to pass on what he has learned to anyone interested. What they do with this knowledge is then up to them.

...lists among his favourite places: Lyme Regis, The Roaches, Salamanca, Herm, Deia, Kathmandu, Bali.

Lawrence Dyer believes that no one has a monopoly of the truth, that people should be free to make their own choices in life as well as their own mistakes. The most important thing in life is to serve others in whatever capacity one can.

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