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The Repairman • Strange Attractor #2 1992
3000 words

Various Notes and Comments

~ STRANGE ATTRACTOR #2 and #3: A5, 56pp, £2 each (4/£7:75) from Strange Attractor, 111 Sundon Road, Houghton Regis, Beds LU5 5NL.
~ "No sooner does the debut issue set tongues wagging with its full colour cover than Rick Cadger brings out #2 with more pages and good stories by Lawrence Dyer, Mike O'Driscoll and P.J.L. Hinder among others..." From the BBR Directory


The Four-Thousand-Year-Old Boy • Interzone July 1993
5000 words

~ Interzone magazine. Ed. David Pringle. Founded in 1982, Interzone is one of the world’s leading professional Science Fiction and Fantasy magazines. Nominated for a Hugo many years running and winning in 1995. Interzone is still publishing today (2006) under editor Andy Cox's stewardship.
~ In 1993 The Four-Thousand-Year-Old Boy was listed in Locus' Recommended Reading List and Lawrence was contacted by a film production company about making the story into a short film for the UK's Channel Four. Republished online at InfinityPlus 1999 The Four-Thousand-Year-Old-Boy


Skandia • Grotesque #1 1993
4500 words

~ [Grotesque, April 1993 Auth/Ed: David Logan Year: 1993 Price: £2.50 Pages: 48]
~ Republished in online anthology Echoes Autumn 2001


Their Mossy Sleep • Grotesque #3 1993
7500 words

~ Grotesque [# 3, 1993] ed. David Logan (Logan, David, £2.50, 51pp, A4); Small press sf/fantasy/horror fiction magazine. Available from 24 Hightown Drive, NEWTONABBEY, Co Antrim, N. Ireland, BT36 7TG.
~ Reprinted by Goddess of the Bay. Ed Sandra DeLuca -- circa 1998 "CASSANDRA'S CRYPT A DARK AND FANTASTIC ANTHOLOGY " Price $4.00. "Longer length stories from: Stefano Donati, Gabriele A. Rolle', Steve Burt, Lawrence Dyer, D.M. Yorton, Elizabeth Gruder, Alania Demerz. Art by: Sandra DeLuca, Dave Fode. " Goddess Of The Bay P.O. Box 8214 Warwick R.I. 02888


The Angel of the Moor • The Third Alternative #1 1994
5500 words

~ THE THIRD ALTERNATIVE. Andrew Cox, ed. Cambs, England: TTA Press. THE THIRD ALTERNATIVE is one of Britain's leading fantasy fiction magazines, second only to Interzone. TTA was founded in 1994 and is still running in 2006.
~ Reprinted in the anthology LAST RITES & RESURRECTIONS: STORIES FROM THE THIRD ALTERNATIVE. Andrew Cox, ed. Cambs, England: TTA Press 1995. 170 pages, paper, 5.99.
~ From The Newsletter of The Council for the Literature of the Fantastic Volume 1, Number 4 (1997) LAST RITES & RESURRECTIONS: STORIES FROM THE THIRD ALTERNATIVE. Review by Kerstin Ketteman Copyright © 1996, Kerstin Ketteman: " "The Angel of the Moor," by Lawrence Dyer, is interesting in the way it handles dualities of love and nature. The moor is both beautiful and dangerously smothering. "It was what their grandmother would have called a 'hill-cutter day' because the hills seemed to be cut from their moorings, freed and lifted by the fog in the valleys, so that millions of tons of soil and stone could be seen to float without weight against the sky. It was an uplifting sight, a day of freedom." Edward feels a grudging bond to the moor of his childhood home. Therefore he feels unable to join Rachael, the woman he loves, in her journey to California. He and his brother's discovery of a pre-Roman-era corpse buried in the peat becomes pivotal. Through her, and Edward's mistaken presumption that she is Rachael, he is confronted with the depth of his emotions and the stark difference between his own and his brother's connection to the moor. Ultimately, Edward is released from his self-inflicted tie to a land he does not love and realizes the courage to pursue the uncertain promise of a future with Rachael. "


Jack Limer’s Monsters • The Third Alternative #4 1994
5000 words

~ The Third Alternative [#4, Autumn 1994] ed. Andy Cox (Third Alternative, £2.50, 52pp, octavo, cover by Ben Mitchell)


Slugs and Snails and Puppy-Dogs’ Tails • Interzone #86 August 1994
6000 words. Illustrated by Russell Morgan.

~ Selected from Interzone #86 contents:
Jazamine in the Green Wood Chris Beckett
Professionals Keith Brooke
Slugs and Snails and Puppy-Dogs' Tails Lawrence Dyer
~ Re-published as contribution by exclusive guest author at the Official DF Lewis Website (now at late in the year 2000 Re-published in online anthology Echoes Autumn 2001


Silica • Scheherazade #11 1995
4900 words. Illustrated.

~ Scheherazade [#11 (1995)] ed. Elizabeth Counihan (Scheherazade, £1.90, 36pp, A5); Small press fiction magazine specializing in fantasy, sf and gothic romance. Available from Elizabeth Counihan, St. Ives, Maypole Road, EAST GRINSTEAD, West Sussex, RH19 1HL.
~ Silica sparked an unpublished Lawrence Dyer Neolithic fantasy novel 'The Blood of the Land'.


Dtohn Mi Mahn-Da • The Third Alternative #12 1997
9000 words

Colonies • Interzone December 1998
7750 words

~ Republished in the Storyville online anthology at


Spirit O'Wild • Redsine #1 February 2000

~ Print magazine Ed. Garry J. Nurrish (; North Ryde, NSW, Australia, A$5.50, 80pp, A5, cover by Mike Philbin)


The Gravedigger • Nemonymous #1 November 2001
1800 words

~ Editor: DF Lewis Nemonymous a print "megazanthus" (a portmanteau word combining magazine and anthology). Stories published anonymously, with the identities of contributing authors withheld until the following issue.




Fruit of the Flotsam By Keith Brooke, Lawrence Dyer, and D.F. Lewis • Oasis (US) and Psychotrope (UK), both April 2000.

~ From Keith Brooke's bibliography at InfinityPlus: "A strange, strange story about a strange, strange place, written by three strange, strange writers... Lawrence, Des and I live within a few miles of each other on the North-East Essex coast and we get together every so often to talk writers' talk. In October we met at a place called Jaywick: a run-down shanty-town of holiday homes that have become permanently settled. Going to Jaywick is like stepping into the Third World, or the 1930s, with an odd mixture of 1990s thrown in for good measure. The place made a big impression on the three of us and we just had to write about it. "

~ From Dragon's Breath ( "PSYCHOTROPE - £2.10/£5.50 Flat 6, 10 Ombersley Rd, Worcester, WR3 7ET Ish 8 of Mark Beech's genre fic mag incl more "tales of mad love, psychological horror & surrealism" by Mark McLaughlin, Helen Kitson, Hugh Cook, Peter Tennant, Matthew Firth, Mark Astley, Rhys Hughes + 1 piece from trio of DF Lewis, Lawrence Dyer & Keith Brooke! This may not B most slick pres mag of today, but it does have unique feel 2 set it apart from DTPd crowd. ROCKS"

~ And from:
++%22Lawrence+Dyer%22&hl=en (Google's cache of: "Psychotrope Reviewed by PAUL S. JENKINS [...] "Of the other stories, my favourite was the only collaborative work here, "Fruit of the Flotsam," by DF Lewis, Lawrence Dyer and Keith Brooke. It's a very well written tale of a haunting in a flooded seaside town." Psychotrope is published and edited by Mark Beech (A5, saddle-stapled, 56pp, black and white, £2.10/$5.50 per issue, £7.50/$20.00 'Psychotrope' Worcester WR3 7ET United Kingdom)."


Visitors By Keith Brooke, Lawrence Dyer, and D.F. Lewis
• Published online December 2000 at Aphelion, The Webzine of Science Fiction and Fantasy

Wooden Boys Don't Bleed By Keith Brooke, Lawrence Dyer, and D.F. Lewis
• STRANGE PLEASURES Summer 2001 (Cosmos Books)

~ STRANGE PLEASURES (Print anthology), edited by Sean Wallace summer 2001 (Cosmos Books)

~ From Keith Brooke's bibliography at InfinityPlus: "Like the other stories I've written with my Essex neighbours Lawrence and Des, this was triggered by one of our seaside walks - this time in Walton-on-the-Naze, where we saw, among other things, the room above a chip shop where Des was conceived... 'Wooden Boys' is a story of the power of place and memory, and guilt. Dark secrets loom large. Needless to say, it's another weird one... "


The Shoal By D.F. Lewis and Lawrence Dyer
• Published online October 2007 at The Tenacity of Feathers

The Body
By Lawrence Dyer and David Mathew
• Published online April 2009 at Demonic Tome



A Cottage on the Moss by Lawrence Dyer • 2003 Library Empyreal (Prime Books)
Hardback, Paperback; Autobiography. 154 pages ISBN: 1-894815-96-3 Published by Library Empyreal, an imprint of Prime Books Cover art by Lauren Halkon Cover design by Luis Rodrigues.

~ Hardback $29.99 Paperback $15 Autobiography. 154 pages ISBN: 1-894815-96-3 Published by Library Empyreal, an imprint of Prime Books Cover art by Lauren Halkon Cover design by Luis Rodrigues.
~ "I really believe Lawrence's is the voice for the future. His prose style is amazing, limpid stretches of pure beauty conveying the vibrancies and oxymorons of life and nature. Can't wait for this book." DF Lewis

~ "A luminous and beautifully-written book punctuated by hardship and winter scenes that will both delight and shock" Jeff VanderMeer
~ website about the book at: A Cottage on the Moss


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